“White Shirt for Nong”

Program by Kitcharoen Garment Co., Ltd.


The Brief:


Khun Huad, the owner of Kitcharoen Garment Group, wished to rebrand the 4 sub-brands to each have its own unique specialty. And in addition to being the main donator of student uniforms to children in need, the KGM Foundation’s capability was also expected to be broadened further.

Our Creative Solution:


Redefined the key strengths of each sub-brand. Presented to the customer, the model to build on existing key features and to connect the perception of each sub-brand as the “Student Uniforms for the Next Generation.”


Initiated the “KGM White Chance” project through the detailed writing of Business Presentation, Corporate Identity Design, and Story Board Building. With all the preparations done, the production was directed thoroughly from the project’s video proposal to the website redesigned to be the touchpoint for customers and philanthropic entities seeking to donate new white uniforms to children in need in every corner of Thailand.


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