“MyMo ALPHA Program”

by Government Savings Bank


The Brief:


This program was devised in December 2018 by the First Senior Executive Vice President - Information Technology, Khun Boonson Jenchaimanakoon. The goal was set to launch an internal campaign for MyMo application to earn the love and recognition from all GSB peers. At the same time, the executive management expected to catch rising stars emerged from this program which could be nurtured into leadership roles hereafter.

Our Creative Solution:


A team from C’est hosted a workshop and developed the program, from the first draft of only the top 100 enthusiasts to participate, to a campaign of growth open for all GSB employees. Deepen the message through the name “MyMo ALPHA” and the “Wolf” logo, signifying predator’s integral characteristics of cunning and collective in nature.

On its debut, the program attracted 1,083 applicants from across the country. In 2020, the participation rose to 2,136 even before reaching the deadline. The year 2021 marked the program’s third series, featuring “Leadership Academy” which let GSB foster leadership recruits to readily take on the future business competition.

As the program organizer, C’est team collaborated with GSB’s central team and TN Corporation in executing the program through various forms of creativity. The campaign development was built with new ideas, fusing Game Theory with technology for GSB peers to improve work satisfaction, individually provide wealth management to customers, and take advantage of this self-improvement opportunity.

MyMo ALPHA was an excellent case study of clear measurable success. The notable increase of financial product sales could be traced back to the “White Elephant” or the exceptional employees from various branches across Thailand. It was a proud feat to accomplish together with GSB, the creation of a community principled in sustainable growth.