C'est 2021

2021 .. It is our utmost belief that the most tiresome time has finally come to pass.


As per our now established tradition, we at C’est Design shall reflect upon the year passed to find the perfect annual

souvenir for our friends, families, customers, and business allies alike.


With the incoming 2021, we hope our New Year present would bring refreshing encouragement along with good taste, literally, so everyone can have the strength to carry on. All of which is under a heartfelt theme, “Heart Times.”


The project started back in June 2020. Ploy Zae reached out to her close friend who has a small homemade cookie business, and together made a trial batch of “7-Colors Hearty Cookies,” representing each and every good day of the week. And top it

off with the 8th color, “Rainbow Spectrum,” to represent all the best moments in between.


After successful bakes and all packaging design done, it’s time to wrap up our presents and to deliver all our best wishes

to everyone.